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Credence Offshore has been incorporated with the primary objective of helping to develop and support the stakeholders of the increasingly competitive offshore logistics industry. Our technical & commercial expertise aids vessel owner's to better leverage the opportunities across international waters. Our operations currently pan across India, Singapore & Middle East thereby covering the key markets of Asia (including South East Asia & Middle East) and Africa. Credence Offshore operates as a broker and marketing consultant for the offshore logistics services and offshore construction segments, globally. We have a comprehensive network of offshore vessel owners, operators, strategic partners and other marine professionals with specialization in region specific rules and regulations. This enables us to quickly and efficiently respond to chartering and sale & purchase enquiries. Our goal is to ensure customer satisfaction by providing value based realistic solutions. As a high value services organization, we continue to grow and diversify our operations strategically into the regions where local content development is required in order to conduct business in the oil & gas sector. Our expertise in dealing with country specific issues helps our clients to develop a solid marketing plan for their activities and our associations with local companies provides us with an edge over the competition. We are highly responsive to project and client requirements. We have direct lines of communication that facilitate quick decision-making. We are willing to work with clients in new and innovative ways to satisfy their growing needs. We believe in leveraging and pursuing new technologies and are driven to challenge the status quo in an effort to produce powerful, value-based solutions.

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